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Taking care of your property and tenants smartly is what our Property Management experts do best.

ABODE Experts ensure that when it comes to your property investment, all the stress falls on us so that you can rest easy!​

OUR PM services put technology and innovation at the forefront to allow you to stay ahead of the competition and include:

  • Exclusive Listings

  • Comprehensive Handovers

  • Management Services

By choosing a Property Management Company, you need to be sure that your property is in expert hands. Abode takes our job seriously. We conduct thorough inspections to ensure that the unit is just as you want it to be and to eliminate any potential issues. And already proved our expertize in Dubai Marina community.

Our vast experience in property handovers gives us the proper know-how in terms of what to inspect to ensure that all the requirements of this process have been met and the property is fully ready to be handed over allowing our client to have peace of mind and to start capitalizing on his investment straight away.

Handover Services include to be listed on the services:

  • Power Attorney Services

  • Orientation and liaison with Developer

  • Snag & Inspect Services

  • Handover services

  • Utilities Connection and Registration

For a property to be fully ready, an impartial and expert third party is essential. As your designated representative, our experienced Luxury Property Expert will conduct the inspection considering all the necessary points, and communicate all the issues found with the developer directly. By carrying out a pre-handover inspection we can fix minor and major issues. Those corrections should be done before moving into the property.

With Abode, you can relax. Our expert team will document everything and provide you with all the paperwork.

You just invest, we rent and manage!

ABODE: Your Worry-Free Way to Manage Property!

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